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Dental Patient Testimonials

Great work

The tech that cleaned my teeth was very good. I would have to say that I go there because of the great work she performs. Thanks.

~ Curtis C

The best staff!

Excellent dental center with the best staff! Michelle is amazing and always so willing to help you out in any way to make your experience as easy as possible.

~ Anonymous

Had a great time

We all had a great time thank you and especially for having patience with Benjamin and providing his exam when he was comfortable. Thanks :-)

~ Anonymous

Very informative and helpful!

Hygenist was very informative and helpful! Even made me a second tray to try wear at night to help with clenching!

~ Anonymous

Positive dental experience

The assistant was very helpful in Riley’s first filling, she was very nice, and made Riley feel comfortable , which resulted in a positive dental experience! Thank you!

~ Riley M

Great staff, great hygenist

Going to the Dentist has become very pleasant, great staff, great hygenist and Dr. Virk was thorough and a pleasure.

~ Nicole M

I would highly recommend

As always, Copperfield Dental new ceases to amaze me. Their positive and understanding outlook on oral health has helped me go from someone who couldn’t care less about rescheduling or even flossing, to someone who truely cares about utilizing their recommendations for a better, more healthy set of pearly whites.

They approach every patient more as a friend than anything else, and I would highly recommend Copperfield Dental to everyone I know.

~ Anonymous

Better than I expected

My cleaning by Heidi was better than I expected. Having not been to a dentist in many years, she understood my anxiety and was very gentle and reassuring.

~ Cheryl D

Everyone was great

Thank you for making my visit a great one! Had a bad experience at my last dentist and I'm very impressed with the service here. Everyone was great to deal with, at reception and in the back. A friendly atmosphere to be in.

~ Tyler F

They were all friendly

My experience was top of the game from the front office to the care with the dental hygienist. No complaints. Everyone was willing to work with my tight schedule and no one made me feel bad about. They were all friendly and actually cared about my personal life as well as taking care of my teeth!

~ Sharon M

My kids love them

I had a very good experiance. I suffer from major anxiety about going to the dentist and my dental hygenist was very understanding of that and didn’t push me. This was my first time at Copperfield dental for myself and I would recommend everyone to visit you guys for their dental needs. My kids love them too and unfortunately they suffer from the same fear as me.

~ Kim C

Always friendly

Excellent customer service always friendly.

~ Scott

Great experience

Another great experience at Copperfield Dental! My kids actually ask when do they get to go to the dentist again! Thank you!!

~ Thomas R

Very friendly and helpful

Everyone at Copperfield Dental Center is very friendly and helpful. The hygienist was extremely personable and always puts me at ease. I was able to meet the new dentist and she seems very knowledgeable. Thanks for everything!

~ Anonymous

Best dental experiences I have ever had

The atmosphere is relaxing and everyone at Copperfield Dental Centre are friendly and polite… the best dental experiences I have ever had. Thank you!

~ Russ


What a great experience! The staff was welcoming and friendly as soon as we walked in the door. This was my children’s (age 2 and 5)first time at the dentist and they both walked in by themselves with no anxiety or fear. Impressive!! After searching for awhile for a new family dentist, I’m so glad we found Copperfield. Thank you!!

~ Shantel

Best dental office

One of the best dental office in town. The doctor is simply knowledgeable and fair.

~ Reza Rashidiyan

Surpass my expectations

The staff at Copperfield Dental surpass my expectations in their ability to make me feel as comfortable and relaxed as any dental experience can be. I have been a patient at Copperfield Dental for several years now and every experience has been good.

~ Anonymous

No longer will I smile or laugh hiding behind my hands

To Copperfield Dental Center,

When people who noticed my teeth asked me if I was self consious about them, I would always be adamant that I was not. I used to tell them that they were a part of me and my history (even though my version of how I lost my front tooth differs greatly from my brother’s). I thought I would never change that part of me…how wrong I was.

Going back as far as I can remember, dentist have been for me usually a bad experience. It did not matter what the circumstances were there always seemed to be issues and complications. I had come to a point of existing with my teeth only and nothing more.

I am normally a strong person, but when it came to my teeth boy was I weak. I dreaded every check up as I knew it was going to be a long painful process.

Saying thank you just doesn’t seem to be enough for what you have done for me. I cannot express to you what it has meant to be to be given a gift of such worth. Never before have I been offered such a boost in self confidence.


It certainly has changed how I feel about myself and meeting new people has never been easier. No longer will I smile or laugh hiding behind my hands.

I just wanted to say thank you again, to you and all your staff. I appreciate the lengths you all went through, in order to make me feel warm and welcome in so many ways. You have changed how I feel about dentists. It still doesn’t make me look forward to my check ups, but I do look forward to visiting your dental office, and being treated like someone special.

~ Joanne Sayner

Thank you for the Taber Corn!

Taber corn was late this year! For the first time in many years I had some!

For most of my life I have been plagued by dental problems. I have had almost every dental procedure known to man. Fillings, crowns, veneers, root canals…all in an effort to save the failing teeth. All these procedures still did not prevent the ultimate removal, one at a time, of most of my teeth. The first partial plate was placed in 2003 to replace missing teeth. Even with the partial I had difficulty biting. Then as the teeth were removed, additional teeth were added to the partial until even the teeth that held the partial plate in place had to be removed.

Finally we face the inevitable. Suggested to me was that the remaining teeth be removed and dentures be placed both upper and lower. Further suggested that the dentures could be secured with implants. At first I was hesitant. Seemed pretty expensive! Then I realized that the total cost would be just a little more than what we had spent on a luxury cruise to Alaska. I have a few photographs from the cruise but the rest is just a memory. Implants supporting dentures, however would last the rest of my life.

A great value when it is put into perspective. So we decided to go ahead.

With the surperb scheduling by Michelle a good portion of the removals and dentures were covered by insurance.

The dentures are now complete. They stay firmly in place but are easily snapped out for cleaning and just as easily snapped back in. No more unsupported dentures flopping around in my mouth.

During this procedure, as in all my visits over the years to Copperfield Dental Center, the focus is on patient comfort and health. All in all this team provides the ultimate professionalism, courtesy and friendliness.

Thank you for the Taber Corn!

~ Brian Adams

I am amazed by your facility.

My previous dentist was old school compared to you guys. Nice facility, nice atmosphere, nice staff. What more could you ask for?

~ Keri

Painless and Pleasant

Great team, reception, hygienist, dentist. Keep up the great work!

Every visit is a pleasant experience. People often dread going to the dentist, your team helps relieve any anxiousness one might experience.

Thank you!

~ Joe

Best Dental Experience

The best dental experiences I’ve ever had, right from the phone call with the receptionist to the end of treatment, you guys rock.

~ Danielle

Great Experience

I have always enjoyed coming to your dental clinic and will continue to do so. I have also passed your clinic on to all my friends and family.

~ Jennifer

A Very Enjoyable Visit

Very comfortable environment the minute you walk through the front doors.

Met with friendly front counter staff who address you by your first name. Very clean and friendly environment. All in all a very enjoyable visit.

~ Joanne

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