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Our state-of-the-art digitized radiography system provides the highest quality dental images with 80% less radiation than conventional x-rays. Unlike small x-ray films, digital x-ray images can be magnified up to 300 times their normal size and can be viewed instantaneously on a screen right beside you!

Digital radiography is an invaluable tool for diagnosis. We can adjust contrast and colour to reveal hidden problems, make more accurate measurements, and even back-light teeth to see things that can’t be seen with conventional film. Our high-magnification camera and large-screen monitor allow you to see exactly what we see. We want you to understand the treatment we recommend.


Velscope is the most powerful equipment that is available for discovering irregularities in the mouth. Velscope’s blue light is used to distinguish healthy tissue from tissue that is traumatized or diseased. Healthy tissue fluoresces in a pattern that is distinctly different than non-healthy tissue, and Velscope can aid health care providers in finding concerning developments before they are visible to the naked eye.

Because Velscope can discover issues early on, life-threatening conditions such as oral cancer can be caught before they spread, potentially saving lives. Ask one of our trained staff members for more information.

Soft Tissue Laser

Soft tissue lasers are effective in a number of different ways. We can use the laser to greatly enhance the appearance of your smile by contouring your gums in a minimally disruptive way. This involves no bleeding and is a relatively pain-free procedure. The results, however, can be dramatic.

Our soft-tissue laser can also be used to prevent a cold sore from developing. When you feel a cold sore starting, come in, and we can laser it off. This will prevent the sore from growing, essentially stopping it in its tracks.

Ask us about the different ways in which our soft tissue laser can help you achieve your ideal smile!


We want you to leave relaxed, happy and excited to show off that beautiful smile!

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Clinic Tour

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Another great experience at Copperfield Dental! My kids actually ask when do they get to go to the dentist again! Thank you!! ~ Thomas R

Very Accommodating to my Son
I had a great experience at your clinic. You were very accommodating to my son who had to wait with me until his own appointment. Heidi was fantastic as was the dentist. I especially appreciated the experience my son had. He is so excited to come again! Thank you! ~ Naomi N

Very Friendly
As always, staff very friendly. Explained everything to me as they proceeded. ~ Jennifer E

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Very comfortable environment the minute you walk through the front doors. Met with friendly front counter staff who address you by your first name. Very clean and friendly environment. All in all a very enjoyable visit. ~ Joanne

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